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Friday, May 17, 2013


We're heading in to summer with all the photo opportunities that brings - family reunions, the beach, the cottage, special vacations, sports! Who has time to even think about scrapbooking?

Here's some ideas on how to keep up without losing your mind or emptying your wallet:

  • Cut up neutral scrap cardstock in to 4" x 6" rectangles to keep in your purse, the car, your beach bag, and use them for quick on-the-spot journaling. You can date them and embellish them later when you're matching them to layouts.
  • Get some sleeve protectors in a 1" to 2" binder and keep all memorabilia from each event, trip, or game in the protector. You can throw in the journaling boxes as well.
  • Take a basic "kit" of cardstock, patterned paper, adhesives, scissors, embellishments up to the cottage or on the trip for those rainy days that will inevitably happen when you're away. Simple, basic layouts can be done with your kids as a craft and teach them the value of special memories.
  • Expand your scrapbooking repertoire to using mini-albums for a specific event, rather then sweating over 12"x12" layouts for a big album. Mini-albums are perfect for kids to look at when you're on a road trip too.
  • Download your digital pics to your computer as you go along and make your folders on the computer for each event or trip. This keeps you organized and means you won't have one huge "dump" of photos near the end of summer.
  • Stay in touch with your scrappy friends and may be get together every second or third week to work on a few pages. Even once a month, just to make layouts and add the pictures later on.
There's a few ideas and I hope they make your life easier - especially if you're doing a Project Life album! Everyone has the same number of hours in a day. The key is to make your scrapbooking an integral part of your day by using one, or a few of the above ideas to help keep you on track.

Have a wonderful long weekend and don't forget your camera! Thanks for stopping by.


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