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Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I can't believe I've shared this on my Facebook page, and in my newsletter, but haven't blogged about it yet! There's only 14 more days for you to get these fantastic savings, so I'd better tell you about it now!

Till April 30th, whether you buy the "Essentials" Kit for $49.00 or the "Master" Kit for $99.00, you will also receive FREE all of the next Stamp Of The Month Sets for April, May, June, and July! That's $227.00 worth of product for only, say, $49.00 or a savings of 70%!

Now, I want to share a couple of questions/concerns my customers have said to me over the past two weeks:

I'd love to buy it but I don't have little girls and wouldn't use the "girly" Chantilly paper kit.
Well, other than the "Pear & Partridge" paper last Christmas, this is our most popular paper kit yet. If you're an aunt, sister, daughter, or grandmother, you can use this paper! It's perfect for Mother's Day, your own childhood photos, graduations, or birthday cards. All of the papers have two sides so there's a "calmer" side to the girlinesss. And you'll love the stamp set that comes with it - it can be used for little boys too!

I already have another Direct Sales business.
Perfect! You already have a customer base! Even if you're only going to use your 22% discount on your own supplies, you can offer it to your friends and family through your FREE Close To My Heart website.

I don't want to do parties or teach classes.
You don't have to - that's the beauty of our Close To My Heart system. Yes, they'll automatically send you a weekly newsletter (only for your first 3 months) and encourage you to do so, but you don't have to - you can take orders at work, at school, only online (I know a couple of Consultants who only do it that way), or just order your own product for the best discount in the business.

I'm worried about trying to "sell" $300.00 a quarter to stay "active".
Well, if you sign up in April you have till September 30th to "sell" $300.00 and you'll receive our 22% discount all of that time. You can sign up your friends and family as soon as you receive your Consultant number. If you don't sell $300.00 (and that's retail, remember you're getting 22% off that $300.00) by then you'll drop to "Junior Consultant" status and only be expected to "sell" $100.00 in a quarter. You'll only receive 10% discount at that point and you can't sign anybody up under your name, BUT you can go back to active status as soon as you do have a good quarter and "sell" $300.00. Or, you can stay Junior and just get 10% off. There's no pressure or stress to this!

I hope that helps answer some of your questions! And if April's not good for you, in May our Consultant Kit special will be everything you see on page 5 AND the "Dream Pop" paper pack FREE to go with it, just in time for National Scrapbooking Month! I've got this pack already and the colours are gorgeous - I'm going to use them for my daughter's "last year of high school" layouts. And cards, of course!

I'm so excited that three new people have joined my team by taking advantage of this special! Think about the last time you spent $49.00 - was it for yourself? Was it shoes, a dinner out, maybe a movie and popcorn? Those things don't last as long as stamps and inks, and the two pattern books in the kit alone are worth $30.00!

Tell your hubby it's an early Mother's Day gift to yourself. :)

(for some reason Internet Explorer will not let me post pictures of the four Stamp Of The Month sets - I apologize but you'll need to check the back of your Idea Book to see them)

Thanks for stopping by!

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