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Friday, August 22, 2014


There's just one more week in August to grab the special on Close To My Heart's "Picture My Life" scrapbooking program, so I thought I'd share a few pages I made for our 2014 Family Album. I've never scrapbooked this way before so decided, with all the time constraints I've got this year that this would be a great way to "keep up" with those key events you want to have a memory record of during a year. 

We have 13 different choices to cover any event, school, vacations, babies, boys or girls, or generic albums. Each set gives you 44 - 4"x6" cards (2 each of 22 designs), 78 - 3"x4" cards (3 each of 26 designs), 1 - 12"x12" Designed Cover page, and 10 - 12"x 12" Memory Protectors of various designs. (more below)

I decided to use the family oriented Avonlea set and began my album with the worst winter in Winnipeg Manitoba in 116 years:

Sorry about the flash - I couldn't get it turned off! These pages are the Design 4 pages (Z1951) with 4 pockets for 4"x 6" pictures or you can use one of the 4"x 6" cards, and 4 pockets for 3" x 4" pictures or cards. I discovered when I ran off my pictures that I don't take any vertical shots so will have to rectify that to give the album some variety!

Each set comes with a 12"x 12" designed cover page, as I mentioned, and this gives me space for a 5" x7" family picture I plan on matting and jazzing up the page with some embellishments.

So, what's the August Special? Buy any one of our 13 sets and for just $3.00 more, you can get an extra set of 10 pocket page Memory Protectors in 8 different choices:

Z1324 Design 1       6 vertical 4" x 6" pockets
  4113 Design 2       6 horizontal 4" x6" pockets
Z1950 Design 3       4 vertical 4"x 6" pockets + 4 horizontal 3"x4"                                    pockets
Z1951 Design 4        4 horizontal 4"x 6" pockets + 4 vertical                                             3"x4" pockets
Z1952 Design 5        3 vertical 6"x 4" pockets + 6 horizontal
                                3"x 4" pockets
  4110 Top Load       12" x 12" page
Z1968 Side Load      12" x 12" page
Z3026 Variety Pack  4 each of Designs 3, 4, and 5

So, for your second set of pocket pages for $3.00, you can order any of the above to mix and match the original set. The Z3026 Variety Pack is what comes with the Kit.

You can find all 13 "Picture My Life" Kits on page 127 of the Annual Inspirations Book when you go HERE. Click on the Annual Inspirations Book and check them out! You can also scroll down that page and save a .pdf version of the book to your computer. All of the 8 Designs for the Memory Protectors are on page 185, so you can decide which one(s) you want to add to your Kit. 

We'll be doing a two page class for $5.00 at our September "Scrapalicious" Crop in Winnipeg. Please contact me if you'd like to join us to crop all day or do the class. Bring a selection of vertical oriented, and horizontally oriented photos and choose your journaling cards from the sets available. Fast, easy, and enduring memory keeping!

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